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Quality car care from people you trust makes all the difference. Whether you’re getting basic maintenance performed or fixing a serious problem, you should have the confidence and assurance that you and your vehicle are in good hands. That’s what we provide at Knaack of It Automotive, your Northern Colorado automotive repair shop.

Is Your Vehicle Healthy?

Your car's health is a matter of life and death for you and everything you are trying to accomplish. Taking care of your family and getting to work are the basics. And knowing that your car is going to get you there safely is essential. If your check engine light is on, or if your car is making an unpleasant noise, it’s time to get your car a check-up. And we are here to help. We’ve got the experience and equipment to help you identify the problem and get you back on the road.

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A Local Owned Car Repair Shop

At Knaack of It Automotive, our customers are family. And we don’t mean the kind you want to avoid. For us, family means the people you love and care for. Because of that, we go the extra mile to ensure you and your vehicle get the best quality of care available.

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Our Promise

We Won't Hold Your Car Hostage

While we can’t give you exact timelines for how long repairs will take, we will help you make a plan and give you estimations so you can decide what to do and when to do it.

We’ll Tell You About Your Options

Just because something could be done, doesn’t mean it is important at the time. We won’t pressure you to get services your car doesn’t need, but we will inform you so you can make the best decision about how to care for your car’s health.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Our highly trained and experienced team takes pride in doing the work right the first time. While mistakes are sometimes made, we will always go the extra mile to make sure we make it right.

We’ll Tell You About the Costs Upfront

Occasionally, when we are working on a car, we find other problems that we couldn’t have accounted for. But as far is it is possible, we will tell you the price for the service upfront, so you aren’t left guessing about the final cost.

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